Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Look Ma, No Hands"

Disclaimer: The content of this post may not be suitable for younger readers (then again, I did title this blog Bathroom Reading, so I guess it fits right in).

There is a British gent in my department here at work, who I encounter on occasion in the men's room. As I wash my hands and prepare to leave, I can't help but notice the fact that he "does his business" at the urinal, with both hands on his hips. Obviously this means he's relieving himself without ensuring a specific aim for his stream.

I'm not sure why this troubles me. I haven't gone to the effort of looking closer to see if he's just so well equipped that he doesn't need any control with his hands (nor am I about to start checking for that), but for some reason his lack of concern about the potential for hosing down the wall or his trousers for that matter makes me uncomfortable.

I'm pretty sure I've tried that move myself once or twice, and while no accidents occurred, the lack of a specific target definitely provided possible mistakes. And not to say I spend a lot of time checking out my urinal compatriots, but I definitely don't see a majority of men working without a safety net so to speak.

What makes this guy so pompous/confident/arrogant/carefree that he can just powerwash away with disregard to his backspray?

Men, am I just ignorant to think we should paying attention to how we paint the walls? Ladies, would you find this sort of devil-may-care approach attractive?


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