Friday, December 17, 2010


can be defined as doing something over and over, and expecting a different result.

Why don't we learn from our mistakes? Why do we put ourselves in the same position, and think its likely or even possible, that it will turn out differently?

We assume that people (both ourselves and others) will grow with knowledge, that we'll benefit from experience, and make smarter/better/more successful decisions based on that previous time going through it.


We put ourselves in the same stupid place, feeling the same hurt/shame/frustration/loneliness as we did the last time, and wondering how we could be so obtuse or delusional.

We take body shots and uppercuts and roundhouses that stagger us, knock us down, leave us breathless, and yet rather than throw in the towel, we get back off the mat and charge right back into it.

It's exhausting getting back up. Sometimes a loss just needs to be a loss. Sometimes you need to go home and lick your wounds. Somehow you need to stop the insanity.

I just wish I knew how...


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