Wednesday, October 17, 2007

One Year, Seven Days, and Fifteen Hours Later...

I'm officially back in the game. PRSlaveDC is a PRSlave once again. Well, sort of...

Monday I returned to full-time, totally salaried employment, although in a far different communications capacity than I have worked for in the past. It's a good change though, it should be much lower-pressure, more opportunity to work outside the box, and technically my association (no more clients!) represents the good guys, so I can fall asleep with a healthy conscience.

I'm not going to get into the specific job, as I've read how that's bitten many a blogger in the backside before, but I will say I'm representing a field I know fairly little about, and I'm excited by the prospect of being both the senior and junior staffer all at the same time.

I know I haven't posted all that much lately, and you guys may have to do without the random breakdowns of why classic chick flicks are anti-male for a while, since I'll have far less time to watch bad television. But hopefully this transition will lead to a bit sunnier, smilier PRSlaveDC, and future posts will be full of fuzzy bunnies and chocolate rainbows.

In conclusion, if any of you are going through an uncomfortable employment situation/transition, allow me to speak from personal experience. The best thing you can do, is rely on your friends to help distract you and remind you that you're probably quite capable and qualified for your desired position, it just may take the various Human Resources offices of the city a while to catch on that themselves.

It's never quite as bad as it seems, and there's always someone in your life who is willing to buy you lunch just to see a smile on your face once in a while. Try to remember to thank those people...


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