Thursday, September 28, 2006

Austin City Limits - Recap

So it took me 11 days, but I'm finally getting around to summarizing the trip... It would be difficult to convey the music and the social side simultaneously, so I'll split them up.

*Bands I saw that rocked the house (or Zilker Park as it turned out):

The Flaming Lips- Far and away, the show of the festival! Dancing Santas, aliens in miniskirts, the lead singer in a giant inflatable sphere... and oh yeah, they play good music too. Just a fun, fun time...

Willie Nelson- Apparently its not an official trip to TX, without catching a Willie act, so I can say I'm official now. Willie may be getting up there in years, but he still knows how to command a crowd. I also had no idea I knew so many of his songs, but hey, I'm okay with that!

Matisyahu- How can you not love a white, Jewish reggae star? Infectious grooves...

KT Tunstall- Apparently I'm the only person in America who didn't know the song, "Suddenly I See", but now that I do, I'm hooked... so in love with the voice...

Aimee Mann- Very classy... solid performance from a veteran of the stage. Although I wish she had dipped into the Til Tuesday catalogue...

Matt Nathanson- Yes, I have a man crush... so much fun. All songs should be dedicated to Ashlee and her new nose.

Bob Schneider- Not part of ACL, but saw him Friday night at a club. Apparently he's an Austin institution. I've had "Tarantula" in my head ever since.

*Bands I didn't get around to seeing but was told I missed out on:

The Shins
Nickel Creek
The Secret Machines
Randy Rogers Band
Patrice Pike

*Other bands I saw:
Tom Petty (could have been great if he didn't take a break mid-set due to rain)
G Love & Special Sauce
String Cheese Incident
John Mayer
Kings of Leon
Los Lobos
Los Lonely Boys
Gnarls Barkley
Wolf Parade
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
Buckwheat Zydeco

There were plenty of other acts as well, but that's a quick list of the key players. I had forgotten that drinking nonstop beer in 95 degree doesn't get me drunk, because I sweat it back out as quickly as I finish it. Oh well, that's what the flaming Dr. Pepper's, Bloody Marys, and Vodka Tonics were for...

And I'm officially in love with any girl with an authentic deep south, syrupy, saccharine accent. The word "stickybun" has never been such a turn-on... *sigh*

So much love to the kindly Texans who were nice enough to show these Yankees around, especially the ones who kept purchasing me drinks, so I didn't go completely broke on Shiner Bock.

I think my liver has finally forgiven me... so its safe to go to the VA Wine Festival on Saturday... mmmm, Barboursville...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Austin City Limits

So as curious as I am to find out exactly what I-66 points get redeemed for, I'm going to have to miss another Blogger HH. I swear I will make one sooner or later.

Instead tomorrow morning, I head out for the first time ever to Austin, TX for Austin City Limits; 3 days of music, drinking, and who knows what else. I've been waiting for this for 4 months, and I intend to make the most of it.

Bands I will definitely be seeing:

Van Morrison
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Willie Nelson
G Love and Special Sauce
Matt Nathanson
Aimee Mann

Bands I will probably see:

John Mayer
The Tragically Hip
Nickel Creek
The Shins
The Raconteurs
The Secret Machines
Ben Harper
The Flaming Lips

And up to 150 more!!!

Check in with you all on Monday... have a great weekend!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Five Years Later...

You're missed as much today, as you were then.

R.I.P. Lisa...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Random Thought of the Day...

The first ever blogger... A completely stream-of-consciousness conversation here at work today allowed me to realize that the first blog ever belonged to Mr. Doogie Howser, M.D.

Remember how every episode ended with him typing in his little computer diary? He was so ahead of his time.

Granted, Al Gore hadn't invented the internet yet, but still... a trendsetter from the beginning.

You go Doogie!

Friday, September 01, 2006

The drawback to being a DC Native...

I always forget this part...

Holiday weekends, everyone has somewhere to go. I don't.

Trips home to see family, one last beach trip, first college football road trip of the season...

Not me, I'm here.

The storm clouds are gathering...