Friday, June 22, 2007

I Don't Fit in With Their Group

Woke up this morning, threw on pajamas, fired up the laptop... Turned on the tv to Encore to see what movie was on.

Within 2 minutes, 4 large rugby players came walking through the door burping and scratching their crotches. Apparently P has a game in Florida tomorrow, so they're getting ready to road trip.

As they run errands around me, one asks, "Hey, are you watching Rent?"

I don't think I'm being invited on this road trip...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Think I Lost Some Guy Points This Week

So I don't know what opinion most of you have formed of me by now. Maybe you think I'm a uber-jock who oozes testosterone and belches and farts my way through DC. Maybe you're convinced I'm a deeply sensitive poet who wears his heart on his sleeve and composes Baroque opera in my free time. Hopefully I fall somewhere in the middle...

I've never been Mr. Fix-it. I'm decent at basic domestic issues, i.e. kill the bug, hang the picture, rewire the TV. I'm great in the kitchen... but the one "guy" area where I fail miserably?

Automotive Repair and Maintenance...

Monday night in Rock Creek Park after my 7th softball game of the last week (see? uber-jock!), I returned to my car to find that I couldn't get it started. No problem-o! I have jumper cables! Spent the next 20 minutes trying to get a jump start from a friend. Still nothing, my car wouldn't even turn over, let alone start. Okay, I'm not completely obtuse, I think that means my starter is screwed up...

So I call dad, he has AAA, I don't. I get added to his account, they agree to send someone to the darkness of Rock Creek to come get me. So I sit in the dark for almost 2 hours, periodically trying to rejump my car to no avail thanks to the one friend who stayed with me.

AAA shows up, I explain my predicament. "Okay, I need you to roll your car out, and turn the wheel so we can straighten it to put it on the tow truck." No problem, I'll just turn on the electric, roll down my window... Key goes in ignition, car goes in neutral... Starts right up!

Yeah, somehow I kept trying to start my car in the drive gear for over 2 hours... I'm an idiot.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Opening the Door a Crack

So today sees a major change to this blog, although you won't find it anywhere on the page.

For the first time, I knowingly gave the address to my blog to someone who knew me before I started writing it. So to you, I say welcome, hopefully the last few months of posts will give you a respite from your average day, and give you some new things to think about...

But why did it take me a year and a half to take this step? To be honest, I'm not really sure. I know initially these posts were far more internal, and I wanted to protect myself in case I chose to write about the people in my life. That being said, I doubt I ever really wrote anything that would cause drama and strife among the people around me.

I was talking with someone recently about why I blog, and why people blog in general. Some people do it to get attention, some do it as therapy in their lives, some do it as a writing exercise and don't care if anyone reads, and there are countless other reasons as well... When I started, this blog was an outlet for me, a place to vent and complain about my life in a shell away from critics. I don't know that I took full advantage of that opportunity, but I did ensure that I gave myself the option.

But yet there is such protection in that anonymity. It's so safe to write whatever I like, and be read by you total strangers out in the mysterious blogosphere. Let's face it, if you're going to be judging me, I'll probably never know about it. And if you do dislike what you read, you'll just stop visiting the page. And for those of you who do continue to visit, I've valued your thoughts and comments, so keep them coming!

So I took a step today. It's not a big step, but it is a significant step. We'll see if I go further down that path in the future. I'll leave you with a poem that was passed on to me by the talented Speakeasy:

I hid the real me when I met you
And now that you’re gone
I wish I could remember
In which box I put myself

Sometimes I just want to chew my way out
Out of all the boxes in which I put myself
Yeah…I’ll just start chewing…
And then I’ll be free or full…

Full of box parts.