Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Who did I piss off this holiday season?

So in an effort to get out and be social, I decided to go try and find an open bar in Old Town tonight. Picked up my friends who were nice enough to treat me to Christmas dinner with their family...

Pretty much everything in Old Town was closed, except Murphy's. So we figured we'd check out the waterfront then circle back to the Irish pub. Was making a turn at the bottom of King St, and apparently didn't come to enough of a complete stop. Cue the flashing lights...

Random ticket, not so bad right? No, apparently I have an outstanding moving violation that I was not aware of, caused my license to be suspended without my knowledge. So the cop couldn't let me leave. Fortunately, my father lives pretty close to where we were, and after a race between him and the impound tow truck to get to our location, they released my car to him (he's a cosigner.)

But now I have several tickets to pay, court appearances to make, and I don't even know what caused my license to be suspended.

I said it on the previous post... I hate this holiday.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry F'ing Christmas...

So TLTL called today to wish me a Merry Christmas...

One of the drawbacks to being a Jew this time of year is that because our culture is so Christmas-focused, the entire city is virtually shut down, and with DC so transient, nearly everyone travels somewhere to be with their own family. So unfortunately, aside from the occasional phone call, I haven't really had anyone to talk to for about 3 days now.

I'm not quite sure why she still gets to me the way she does. The combination of missing the only family Christmases I've ever attended (hers) and the fact that she brought her new guy of 2 months home for the holidays managed to set me off, and make me sound bitter and angry yet again.

Lately, that's how most of our conversations end. I'm not unhappy that she's happy. On the contrary, I'm glad she is. She hasn't had it easy the last year or so either, but I always end up feeling like she's rubbing something in. Whether its potential New Year's plans, or just hanging out with old friends at places I wasn't invited to, I can't let the feeling go that part of her wants to make me jealous.

I don't really know that she does though. I mean she has to know it upsets me, yet she swears she tries not to, and then she really does care about me/want to be my friend. I stay in touch with several of my exes, but she's the only one that still affects me on a regular basis. I want to be moved on, most of the time I think I'm moved on, but today I just want to be held, and have someone to open presents with, or eat Chinese food, or see movies, and know that more than anything they want to be with me too.

I know I deserve that, I just can't prove it to myself, and let myself have it. Maybe its a case of more time, maybe its just the winter doldrums, but either way Christmas kinda sucks.

Sorry for the rant, I genuinely hope you all are having the happy holidays that you deserve, and hopefully if/when I ever encounter any of you, I'll be back to the shiny, happy, REM-loving person that I'm capable of being.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I'm just a jew... a lonely jew... on Christmas...

So all the roommates are out of town, all the friends are out of town, or busy with their families eating roasted goose and figgy pudding or some such culinary delight.

Me? I'm in my pajamas watching VH1's "I Love the Holidays" and only laughing when Michael Ian Black is on. (He makes these shows.) At least there's football on later.

Maybe I'll clean the house? So yeah, if anyone wants to meet up for a beer at whatever one single bar we can find open in Arlington, give me a shout!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Kristen and the Noise

So under normal circumstances this post would be a recap of tonight's performance by the Dewey Beach cover band at Clarendon Grill, which I attended briefly with some former coworkers. For what its worth, the band was in solid form, and I greatly enjoyed watching the sardine-crushed crowd from the back of the room in the early stages of their evening's pre-fornication.

However, the title of this post is actually far more fitting for what I encountered when I returned home at the end of the night. As I walked downstairs towards my bedroom, I was surprised to hear a male voice (my downstairs roommate is female, with the name referenced above), saying "We are definitely having sex again."

Appropriately dismayed, I quickly retreated upstairs to the living room, only to be graced with approximately 40 minutes of some of the finest porn moaning I've ever heard. Needless to say, her companion was clearly an expert at cleaning her pipes...

I certainly don't begrudge my roommates getting ass, as I would expect them not to have an issue if I had a guest. However, its one thing to be able to hear it from the room next door. A seperate floor, with the TV on, is a bit extravagant. Especially as it also woke up my roommate's girlfriend who was sleeping upstairs in his room. She and I compared notes as we waited the happy pair out from the living room.

So they've finally quit and gotten ready for bed. But I'm now wide awake. Hopefully sleep will come soon. It's been far too long a day...

Monday, December 04, 2006

Paging any lost tuba players... anyone?? anyone??

Forwarded to me from a friend...

To: Kennedy Center Staff
Subject: Merry TubaChristmas

It's that time again everyone. Today, Monday, the Millennium Stage
presents 200+ tuba players performing holiday classics in the annual Merry
TubaChristmas performance. We ask that, please, if you see any lost
tuba players you point them in the direction of the North Millennium

Hahaha, for god's sake... please do your part and help us steer them the right way!