Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's Tough to Be a Baby

I'm feeling pretty blah today, what with Sean Taylor's tragic death, and the grey weather, so I turned back the clock to try and cheer myself up.

Remember French pop legend "Jordy"? The Guinness record holder for youngest singer ever to top the charts...

And he performs for the best and brightest... check out old school Prince and Whitney!

But if that wasn't enough... he's back. According to wikipedia, he became emanicipated in 1996, and returned to the spotlight as the winner of the smash French hit reality show Le Firme Celebrities 2, in 2005.

And if you want to hear what he sounds like in 2007...


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Couch Withdrawal

It's only fitting that since I spent pretty much the entire last year dreaming about being back in an office, the reality of being back there wouldn't quite live up to the fantasy.

It's a big shock to the system to have to remember things like keycards, and outlook passwords, and that I tend to crash around 3pm unless I'm on my 3rd Coke of the day.

When you spend nearly 3 years working in a large office, full of young, happy, athletic co-eds who look forward to happy hour; you don't really picture that your next job will be in a small department, where you're the youngest employee by 10 years, and the entire building will be staffed by moms and grandfathers.

My lunch options seem so limited, even though 2 months ago, I could barely afford Mcdonald's once a week. Now the variety of High Noon, Cosi, Potbelly, and Sizzling Express becomes stale, as I crave...

what exactly???

Something other than this. Something besides the confusion of projects with minimal to no explanation. Something with leadership and direction with a set start and end date. Something with opportunities to write and talk to new people and interact with someone other than my Facebook Scrabble opponents. Something with 20-something girls in wool skirts and knee-high boots. Something with steaks and sushi?

But I'm going to try to get used to it...